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How to report a bug

Here is the way to properly report a bug

First, verify if it's really a bug
- You're using a supported and up to date browser (chrome, safari, edge). Firefox should be OK too but there may be small differences in some visual styles (CSS support)
- It's not caused by a problem in your gamescript or the logic of your game (use the game script verificator, with the deep-checking option to check evrythinhg is ok)
- Please wait one hour before reporting to check if it was not a temporary problem caused by an update from JAWA dev or host.
- Try to be sure it's not a normal behavior (ask to the community or check in the user's manual - I know the translation is a bit poor!)

If those conditions are checked, it's an evil bug! To report it and help the dev reproduce it, please provide the following informations IN A NEW TOPIC (do not add a bug in a previous bug topic otherwise I'll lose my mind):

- Name / id of the game (you can find it in ScenarioStudio  > "stats&feedbacks")
- If relevant, one or several screenshots showing the bug (you can attach them using the button below the posting form)
- If a technical error message appears, please copy it.
- Depending on the case, the IDs of any scenes, objects, scripts and interactions involved in the game.
- An accurate description of the problem (what do I do and what happens vs what should happen ?)
- If the bug needs needs to pay a long time before it triggers, attach a savepoint just before it shows up and the simplest waktrough to trigger it (hit S key to donwload it, and send me the .JAWA file)
- version and model of your browser (and check if the bug occurs on differenet browser).

In some tricky cases, the best of the best is that yout create a usecase triggering the same bug without the rest of your game.

That's all! Thank you per advance. Reproducing a bug is 80% of the charge to fix it.


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