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Inscription : 27-10-2020

The English Absurdism and the Jawerism

the more an engine is able to deliver to the creator an easy space of creation the more the final experience of the game could be ground breaking.

often in doing games we are forced to choose the slight of hand in term of content.
the simplest and the easier way to survive to the painstaking process.

with JAWA we have an engine that open us the choice and the privilege to be complicated. to tap new territories in game making.
before to start your game give a look to this: [url]https://youtu.be/TWi3ZymnHHY[/url]

delve a little in the Absurdism and find how much its roots are everywhere in the best cultural content ever produced in Europe.

here is about a stage writer who changed the theater in UK in the 50ies

"Simpson’s vision directly inspired a whole generation of comedy in the UK from Dick Lester’s Beatles movies (1964-5) to the Monty Python TV series (1969-74) and beyond."

such kind of cultural roots could be easily implemented in JAWA because it is a simple and completes tool box to make very brainy and witty creations.

Mariano Equizzi - Jawer

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