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#1 18-09-2021 08:51:17


New forum organization


I splitted the community forum to separate the subjects, as the number of english speaking users grows.

- [b]News[/b] : I'll post here the news from JAWA here, such as new versions or features annoucements (and you can ask your questions or share your reactions here).

- [b]Mutual aid[/b] : the place to get help to create your games ! Ask your question to the english-speaking community and share your howtos, tutorials, tips...

- [b]Bug reports[/b] : to post your bug reports and get feedback. Please provide a full desription of the bug including game/scenes/objects/interactions ids, screenshots, savepoints and walktrough to reproduce it easily. You can also ask for a new feature if you need something.

- [b]Blah blah[/b] : anything else

This forum is yours, don't be shy!

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