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#1 09-07-2021 08:06:07


July, 9 : temporary shutdown for maintenance at 20h (utc+2) ✓

hello everybody,

The site will be offline tonight (july, 09) starting from 20h (utc+2) and wil last 2 or 3 hours, in order to perform a big technical maintenance.
This operation is required to perpetuate JAWA and keep the perfs correct as the users and data grows, and improve security, so as to perpare the future of JAWA

After this update, the only visible change is that new games will use Ids restarting from 10 (instead of several thousands).
It's a big change in the hidden part of the iceberg so there may be some remaining side effects (such as images not showing in the game or the editor).
In that case, don't panic, just report any bug under this message.


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